Capstone: Be Inspired! Yes I Can! Using visualization to achieve your goals
(Capstone 2012, ISBN 978-0857083104 )

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The power of creative visualization has been known for centuries but until recently it was something you would rarely come across, until people starting realizing how the "law of attraction" actually works, which is that you must first visualize your goal or the thing you desire before you can attain it or bring it into your life.
     Think about it. Before building a house you need a plan, an architect's drawing or blueprint. Without it the builders will run around in circles not knowing where they are going or what to do next. But with a plan the builders can progress in an orderly fashion, from one task to the next ensuring, for example, that they don't try to put the roof on before the walls have been built.

Yes I Can! Book Cover


  1. Learning to Visualize
  2. Belief is Half the Battle
  3. Standing Up For Yourself
  4. Lighting The Fire Inside
  5. Building Confidence
  6. Practicing Patience & Perseverance
  7. Plucking Up Courage
  8. Setting & Achieving Goals
  9. Leading From The Front
  10. Committing Yourself
  11. Gaining Boundless Enthusiasm
  12. Acquiring Better Focus
  13. Assuming Responsibility
  14. Encouraging Creativity
  15. Generating Positive Energy
  16. Painting The Vista
  17. Fostering Curiosity
  18. Learning to Relax
  19. Spreading Happiness
  20. Taking Pride
  21. Becoming Fulfilled

And so it is with life. You can think of the exercises in Yes I Can! as life blueprints. To create them you simply set aside a few minutes each day to visualize the part of your life you wish to change or improve, and as you do so you see where the problems are, and the solutions just pop into your mind.
     If you visualize on a topic for several days you will see your visualizations grow. They will expand and become more detailed and you'll start saying "Aha" as you begin to understand not only how you can make the change you want, but you'll notice that you've actually already started out on the change. And there's no mumbo-jumbo in this book. Every technique is simply explained along with the reasons for why it will work.
     In these chapters you'll find practical, real world changes you can achieve in your life using tried and tested techniques. These exercises have worked for me many times over - and they will work for you. Prepare to be astonished, because from now on, your answer to every question that life throws at you will be, "Yes I can!"

Robin Nixon is a motivational author who also writes on technical and computing subjects. He has written over 500 articles and several books on computing, and is also the author of Creative Visualization For Dummies.